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Corporate Profile

Linuo Group was established in 1994, with the purchase of a small pharmaceutical glass factory.  Since then, internal growth and acquisitions, including of several well-known companies with long histories and respected brands, have transformed Linuo Group into one of China’s leading private sector manufacturing conglomerates.  The company focuses on production and services in the solar sector (solar thermal and photovoltaic), and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and Traditional Chinese Medicine, fine chemicals, industrial coatings and special glass. 


7,500 employees generate an annual turnover exceeding 2 billion USD, with sales both in China and to major corporations across the globe.  Group headquarters are in Shandong Province’s capital Jinan, while the nine key subsidiaries are located in three industrial parks in Jinan, Wuhan and Shanghai. 




Linuo Group’s corporate strategy is based on intelligent production systems, asset securitisation, value maximisation and globalisation. 


Product development within our Group is driven by extensive in-house R&D facilities backed up by strategic partnerships with world leading research organisations in China and abroad. 


Company policy to list various subsidiary shares at home and overseas is designed to maximise benefits for shareholders and the Group companies, employees, customers and society as a whole, while providing the impetus and management edge for future growth.


Linuo Group has made considerable efforts to achieve globalisation of its markets, technology, production sites and management style.  Five overseas subsidiaries in Hong Kong, United States, Germany, India and Australia provide the strategic focus and logistical support for the Group’s globalisation effort.


Linuo Group’s corporate philosophy aims to perpetuate the positive aspects of China’s traditional ethics which evolved in our home province of Shandong.  Our Group motto is to provide service through industry and excellence.  Corporate social responsibility and the establishment of deep and long-lasting relationships with our clients and business partners underline each and every business transaction.  Proud of its legacy and responsive to current challenges, Linuo Group is already striding into a global future.

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